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"it is a great day for hockey."


The year is 2428. Ice hockey is now played in levitating ice rinks in the sky. Players are invincible thanks to advances in medical technology. There is no more need for video review as referees have been replaced by sophisticated officiating robots who see all and never get anything wrong. Habs fans are still whining about the Kreider/Price collision.

4.3.2014 Postgame Bennie and his unruly locks [x]


do u remember when my hair was one solid colour bc i don’t

Title: Twin Size Mattress

Artist: The Front Bottoms

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Yo if you’re on mobile sorry for that post but idk how to do a read more on mobile soooooo ya

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Hey sixpenceee, I love your blog! So I see that you post about studies on sleep paralysis every now and then, and as someone who suffers from it frequently I thought I’d share a little bit about my own experiences!

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shane morris and why everybody hates him


well, where the fuck do i begin? this probably won’t be completely chronological because shane pussies out every few months, and deletes his blog, leaving us with no dates and not many sources except the combined knowledge of bandom. 

i am going to catagorize this to help it make a bit more sense (and hell yeah i’m using full-stops!)

TW: rape, self harm, abuse, pedophilia, body-shaming, sexism, swearing, talk of drug use, suicide, nazism, classism, generally dicky things.

1 - the beginnings

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NHL + florals
"I don’t understand why sex is more shocking than violence."
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